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The Epps Family

Tranquil Farms 

Is a third generation family owned farm situated in scenic Montgomery Texas. 

Our forty acres were originally purchased by Richard and Etta Roman in 1979 with her inheritance from her father who had taught her to farm. Etta became one of the first master gardeners in Montgomery county They organically raised meat and vegetables until in 2000 they were force by health issues to move back into Houston. In 2007 Richard and Etta passed the farm on to their daughter Catherine and her family who moved back to the land and started Tranquil Farms. 

Honoring our inheritance of knowledge and the land, we have collected many rare endangered breeds of old-fashioned livestock and vegetable varieties. In so doing, we aid in safeguarding the genetic diversity of our Nation's food supply.

Over the next year, we plan to begin hosting weddings and seasonal events on our farm and in one of our barns. 

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