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Livestock Guardian Dogs

The front line soldiers of our farm 

dog on duty.jpg

We love and raise our own Livestock Guardian Dogs. They are our friends and co-workers on the farm. Since the first two all white pure bred Great Pyrenees bitches arrived, our predation has simply ceased. We also have added in an Anatolian cross, which adds in a little color to some of our litters. Our dogs are fun and friendly pets by day, seemingly lazy as they nap about the place. 

However, they are all business after dark when they ruthlessly defend "their" livestock, dividing up duties as some patrol the perimeter of our farm throughout the night, while others set up and rotate watch stations in the different paddocks. Trust me, they earn their daytime naps!

dogs with goats.jpg
dog and calf.jpg

We periodically have puppies for sale, either as little newly weaned cuties, or as partially grown and trained "teenagers". All our dogs are raised in the midst of our family and are used to safely guarding smaller dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, geese, guineas, sheep, goats, pigs and cattle...and all their babies! It's so precious to see our girls training their puppies in their duties from quite an early age, hanging out in the paddocks, and going on patrol. It's amazing to watch how submissive the pups are towards the livestock, backing down from any challenge (even from the birds!) and snuggling down for naps with baby goats and lambs, and yet how aggressive they can act towards predators. I guess you might say that it's "bred into their bones"! Let us know if you are in need of a pup or a trained dog and we'll put you on our waiting list for the next one available.

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